Best Reseller Hosting UK – What is Important to Know?

Reseller Hosting in UKReseller hosting is a plan that enables the account holder to resell web hosting services. The account holders might be individuals who want to start their own web hosting companies or web designers among others. The web hosting products that are resold include; virtual private servers, dedicated servers and shared web hosting accounts.

The reseller splits the bandwidth and the drive space that is allotted to them to be able to sell to other people. The reseller is a middleman between the hosting company and the third party account owners.

Top Reseller Hosting UK Providers for 2021
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How to Select the Best Plan?

Easy-to-use Reseller Control Panel: As a web hosting reseller, you will need to execute, manage and monitor several end-user hosting accounts. You must select a web host that offers an easy-to-use and convenient reseller control panel to manage client accounts. Ensure that your web host provides the state-of-the-art control panel that makes managing your reseller business with ease.

Value-Added Features: It’s important that you provide additional, value-added features apart from the basic hosting services. Your customers are always looking for hosting plans that support multiple features and applications. Many times clients have specific requirements to host certain applications. Make sure your reseller hosting plan supports multiple features to suit specific requirements of your customers.

White-label Hosting Solution: Most likely you would like to sell services in your own name and brand rather than using your parent hosting provider’s name. Quite obviously, what you want is to promote your own brand rather than someone else’s. So it is important that you choose a hosting plan that also offers you White-label reseller to sell.

Customised Plans: Customers are mostly looking for specific hosting plans suiting their business requirements. Your hosting plans must allow customisation so that you can design tailor-made solutions for your customers. This also helps you sell better and more giving you more profits on sales.

Select the Best Plan

Look at the Advantages

More Room to Grow: If you have a large website, a lot of traffic or you need several
sites for your business, a reseller package will allow you to pay one monthly fee instead of several,
and it can provide a larger amount of features and space for your company.

More Features: Reseller accounts will typically include a greater amount of features
than basic hosting plans. Your control panel for administering your website will normally be more powerful and allow you to manage your site very effectively.

No Maintenance: Instead of purchasing your own server for your company, a reselling plan is very similar to having your own dedicated server with one
important difference. You won’t be the one having to worry about complicated server issues if something should go wrong. Having a technical support department that is well versed in fixing these problems is a very helpful aspect of having a reseller hosting package.

More Control: If you like being able to manage all the aspects of your website, a reseller package will typically offer you the ability to micromanage your site. You will basically have access to many features that allow you to control disk space usage, bandwidth limits and other important areas that come with running your own website.

Lower cost and expenses: Most of the reseller web hosting plans are available at a low cost. This is an incentive to individuals to purchase these plans as they increase the number of the parent web hosting customers indirectly. Resellers market their services independently, but most web hosting companies guarantee them a complete service branding which enables their customers to see their services on different pages on the internet. The reseller business model is simple, and most parent companies offer resellers with tools that are necessary for them to start an effective web hosting company. For example, instead of paying $29.95 a month for 5 different sites, you could be paying as little as $39.95 for all 5 sites if you had a reseller plan.

Income generation: Unlike the basic web hosting plan, the reseller option has the feature of revenue generation. The reseller gets income from services such as managing data and servers for businesses that don’t have enough resources and time to do this on their own. Acting like a middleman means that one gets some commission when new customers purchase accounts from the parent host through them. It’s also easy to upgrade the reseller account to accommodate more customers, which increases the revenue got. These are some of the benefits of the Best UK Reseller Hosting.

Look at the Disadvantages

Cost: If you are planning on running a small site that does not require a lot of features or resources, purchasing a reseller plan may be overkill for your business. While it is nice to know that you have the extra space available to you, if you don’t plan to sell this space or use most of it, you will be spending extra money that could go to other areas of your business.

Responsibility: This area is of particular concern for business that doesn’t necessarily want to run a hosting company but needs to sell space to pay for their server. If you are selling top Uk hosting packages, you will need to be able to provide support for your new customers. Reseller plans do not typically include customer support for your clients, only for you. If you don’t have the time or resources to devote to providing necessary support, both technical and
customer service, you would not be well served by purchasing a reseller plan and selling the additional

Too Many Features: If you are only projecting on running a basic website, you most likely will not need all of the extra features that are offered with reseller plans.

Difficulty: If you are not well versed in running your own site, chances are, having to deal with more features and control panels may not be a good option for you. It can be difficult to learn how to administer a site at a reseller level, and many site owners do not have the time to learn how to do this quickly.